Thursday, December 11, 2014

JB's 21st Birthday

JB's 21st birthday is approaching, so I made a birthday book. It's like a birthday card, except in the form of a hardcover book. I usually use thicker unlined (plain blank) notebooks or second-hand books, but for this project I used a sketchbook with only twelve pages. I always use hardcover books.

I collage first then add handwritten text or drawings. Books are customized according to receiver's interests and tastes.

An envelope glued to the page holds a separate letter,
which can be carried on its own encased in a smaller ricepaper envelope:

Mixed CD in a clear sleeve.

Lyrics all around.

1 Dali unknown (ripped it out of a book)
2 bird painting unknown (from an old calendar), stickers unknown
3 ricepaper envelope 우리한지 기쁜소식봉투
6 Dali unknown, postcard of Kurt Cobain
7 unknown
8 notecard and paint splattered mylar unknown (bought them at Canzine), CD label Designdoma, origami paper unknown
9 H. Matisse, my drawing, postcard of John and Yoko Bed-In
10-11 my photos
12 Dazed, poetry 류시화 (photocopied on tracing paper)
13 Dazed, Dali, doubleaction94
15-16 my photos

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