Monday, February 13, 2012

The Full Moon Story

The Full Moon Story

When Vogue Korea asked Kim Kyoungsoo, a renowned fashion photographer to realize a series of fashion portraits that would (re-actualize) the traditional Korean costume (Hanbok), he also decided to realize his series Full Moon Story. His models are elegantly staged, wearing sumptuous Hanbok, with their haircuts and make-up done perfectly. There is a serenity, poetry and softness which emanates from the pictures that astonishes and instantly puts the viewer in a contemplative state of mind.

"During the National traditional festivities called 'Chuseok', many Korean people used to wear the Hanbok. I wanted to show this typical ambiance with both a lyric and modern touch. I wanted a neutral stage; only shadows and reflections mattered to me: Colours, faces and models were enhanced by cold and light tones creating an almost surreal feeling."



Emma said...

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Style attack... said...

what a great photoshoot!!!!! It's so minimal and colourful. And the synthesis are so balanced!
I just LOVE it!!!!!!
Thanks for posting it...

Georgia Giraffina said...

These are SO beautiful and inspiring!
See you soon,
Love Flower Show

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